Issac Marion stated about this world as: Nothing is permanent. Not even the end of this world. On the other hand Maulana Rumi says, “We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us”. So the science says the end of the universe would not be permanent.

What is Hubble Law?

If the universe has expanded from a single point, then the galaxies furthest away have the greatest speed. The speed of the distant galaxy away from the earth (and other galaxies) is directly proportionate to its distance away.

What is Time and Space?

There are many different theories about time and space. As Kant says, time is the different states of our mind. Another says, time is a creative force of life. Infact, time is dynamic and there is no relation with day and night. Humans created the clocks, time, day and night into many hours to count the period they passing on this earth.

Nukta Episode 2 – End of the Universe

Allama Muhammad Iqbal has the different views about time. He believes the nature of soul (NAFAS) is to seek, to know. Soul or Nafas is like a sea. And the time is like a boat on flowing on the sea. In the end we are all just dreamers in the endless universe.

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