Akhri Zamana aur Zahoor e Munji

What is the base of faith of Messiah? It is because of need of humans for the eternal peace on this world. As well as prophecies of all Prophets made it confirmed. It is truly mentioned by all prophets that in End of time a Messiah will emerge who will help the humanity from temptations.

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Akhri Zamana aur Zahoor e Munji

People of Central America are awaiting for a Great Spirit. There are many different names used for Messiah in different territories of the world. Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom, European and Persia has different faiths about the end of time and Messiah.

Akhri Zamana aur Zahoor e Munji-Zoroaster

According to the books of Holy Gatha, in the end of time, a Sochiant will fill the world with eternal peace and love. Sushiant, a person who have characteristics like Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Akhri Zamana aur Zahoor e Munji-Hindu

Hindus in India, also waiting for a Vishnu. He will be a ride over a white horse. He will kill all his enemies (Enemies of Humanity). He will emerge at the end of time. After his arrival, every human on the world will become Brahman.

Akhri Zamana aur Zahoor e Munji-Buddhism

The followers of Buddhisms, are seeking for Maitreya, is a bodhisattva who in the Buddhist tradition is to appear on Earth.

Akhri Zamana aur Zahoor e Munji-Ancient Egypt

The people of ancient Egypt had faith, a Messiah will arrive near the pyramids. However another ancient group in ancient Egypt had different faith as mentioned eralier.

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