Satan Plans a Last War
Aakhri Zamana 2 [Akhri Zamana aur Satan]
Satan Plans a Last War

The central initiative to the Christian Zionists was produced by Satan. All the religions belong to the Abraham group, portrays Satan as a devil. As well as all other religions also portray Satan like an evil power. We know Satan is the being who denied Adam in heavens. Satan was the main character who caused the fallen of Adam and Eve from heavens to this earth. In this Urdu Video Documentary, Akhri Zamana Aur Satan, you will know about the role of Satan in End of Time. 

Akhri Zamana aur Satan]

Aakhri Zamana 2 [Akhri Zamana aur Satan]

The concept of powers owned by Satan is different in different religions. Many religions think Satan has only power to misguide or mislead by the evil suggestions and temptations. There are different thoughts about Satan by different religions. Here below we will discuss main features of Satan by Islam, Judaism and Christianity:

Islam and Satan-Aakhri Zamana 2 [Akhri Zamana aur Satan]

We read in seven chapters (Sura) of the Holy Koran, how Allah ordered angels and Iblis (Now Satan) to bow before Adam. As we read, Satan denied due to proud. Satan became confused, as he thought he is superior to Adam. Muslims trust that Satan is additionally the reason for misdirection starting from the psyche and wants for underhandedness. He is viewed as a vast power for partition, despondency and profound envelopment. Akhri Zamana aur Satan

Christianity and Satan-Aakhri Zamana 2 [Akhri Zamana aur Satan]

The three Synoptic Gospels all portray the allurement of Christ by Satan in the desert. He is like manner takes him to the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem and headings Jesus to hurl himself down so the favoured errand people will get him. Exposure 12:3 delineates a fantasy of a Great Red Dragon with seven heads, ten horns, seven crowns, and a colossal tail, an image which is clearly animated by the vision of the four savages from the sea in the Book of Daniel and the Leviathan depicted in various Old Testament passages. All through the New Testament, Satan is suggested as a “be a tease” (Matthew 4:3), “the pioneer of the villains” (Matthew 12:24), “the God of this Age” (2 Corinthians 4:4),”the devilishness one” (1 John 5:18), and “a roaring lion”. Akhri Zamana aur Satan

Judaism and Satan-Aakhri Zamana 2 [Akhri Zamana aur Satan]

Most Jews don’t put stock in the presence of an extraordinary omnimalevolent figure. Every order of Judaism has its own translation of Satan’s character. Moderate Judaism by and large rejects the Talmudic translation of Satan as a representation for the yetzer hara, and see him as an exacting specialist of God. In Reform Judaism, Satan is for the most part found in his Talmudic job as an illustration for the yetzer hara and the emblematic portrayal of inborn human characteristics, for example, self-centeredness. Mystical Satanism, ordinarily alluded to as “demon revere”, sees Satan as a divinity, whom people may supplicate to. It comprises of inexactly subsidiary or free gatherings and plots, which all concur that Satan is a genuine element.

Aakhri Zamana 2 [Akhri Zamana aur Satan]

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