Ubqari August 2017


Ubqari August 2017 = Solution for all Your Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Problems

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Ubqari August 2017 is a special edition for Hajj and Eid ul Azha 2017. In this edition, editor brings a special article to read, read carefully and see how you are called by Almighty Lord Allah to His Home. How to celebrate and enjoy the Eid ul Azha (Sacrifice Feast), here few domestic tips are provided. Get Rid of Skin Diseases in 15 Days and Purify your Blood. Another Domestic Remedy which heals my father. This Home Remedy was introduced by Dr Allama Muhamamd Iqbal (Poet of East) to my father. This edition is a special number because it will tell you the story of a Person who was Childhood Friend of Jinns. Know what are the organs which are used to Talisman, Do you know these are hidden organs of Women? Read a Special Character of Zafar Jinn [Read ##fa-file-pdf-o##] who participated in Battle of Karbala

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      • Ubqari August 2017 Ubqari August 2017 = Solution for all Your Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Problems
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        • Why Trend of Divorce is Increasing in Muslims and How Jinns are playing role in divorcing? A Muslim who needs a bath after sexual intercourse (that involves penetration), if he does not take bath he has to face 82 harms damages/loss. Read 82 damages in case of the bath not taken. Read the story of a Jinn who was very close to death. It is all about Grapes, a fruit from heavens. Cancel all attacks of Magic and Talisman by reading this Ubqari August 2017. If your husband is unfriendly, read the magical recipe to make him friendly. Read the Names of Allah and His Friend Muhammad PBUH, you will be blessed.

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