Nau Nihal Magazine October 2015

Nau Nihal Magazine October 2015, read online or download free latest kids magazine free containing many new stories with kids full of moral, jokes and cartoons, paintings competition and poetry. In this month you will read following important articles: Message (Poem) by M Shafiq Aiwan, Importance of Muharram al Haram, Poem for Leader of Nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinna, Jokes, Poem by Syed Sakhawat Ali Anthem of Motherland, Grand Man Poem by Abdul hafeez Zafar, Information and Knowledge, Let Learn Paintings, Hakeem M Saeed and Quaid e Azam, Karishma, Poetry, Raishmi Jorra by Hasan Zaki Khan, Image Gallery, Guess the Answer, Shadi aur Khana Wedding and Food by Hakeem M Saeed for kids to learn, Matti Ka Roshan Diya by Masood Ahmed Barkati is a story of Mirza Adeeb who was a poor, Wabal e Jaan by M Iqbal Shamas about a Jinn who was controlled by men but it takes much difficulties for him, Plan W11 is a humorous story by Waqar Mohsin about a person who was owner of mini bus but he started a air plan service, Samundar Main Shair Ka Shikar about a hunt of lion they were going to Africa but lion met them in sea by Javed Iqbal, Un Titled Story …. read and select/ chose any title suitable for story and get prize.

Nau Nihal Magazine October 2015
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