Fitna e Yousaf Kazzab

Fitna e Yousuf Kazzab is an Urdu book compiled by Arshad Qureshi. The person namely Yusuf was from Lahore and claimed to be Prophet and said I am another form of Muhammad, while first form of Muhammad was Adam a.s and I am now at present same Prophet. Compiler of the book met first time Yousf in Islamabad where he stayed at his home and there he also addressed with people who were invited by compiler, there yousef always made his address very carefully but in private meetings he claimed to be a Prophet like Muhammad PBUH (Last Prophet) and also claimed to be God. Compiler said once he saw an VVIP Passport and an certificate issued by Foreign Office of Pakistan that Yousuf will be treated in all over world as Very Important Personality. Compiler said when he saw this passport he was shocked and thought about Yousf as he was an agent of Enemies of Islam. However Session and High courts rejected his Bail applications, this real story belongs to year 1992/93.

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