Hazrat Hussain Key Qatil Khud Shia They

Hazrat Hussein a.s Key Qatil Khud Shia They, Shion Ki Moatbar Kutab Sey Sansani Khez Inkashafat is an Urdu short book by Maulana Allah yar Khan. Writer of this book claims that where Hazrat Hussain a.s and his companions were killed in desert. Only two groups were there for witness i.e Group of Hussain a.d and Group of Killers. Writer emphasis all his powers in proving that when Imam Hussian were called in Kufa by Shiites than they disavowed and attacked on Imam Hussein with army of Abdullah bin Ziyad so Shiites in themselves are killer of Hussain and his group. What is wants to prove, at least I can not understand, however after reading the following baseless and “artificial truth” you may agree with the writer, I am not agree with the concept written in the book about martyrdom of Hussain a.s and all his companions.

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