Ameer Muawiya Par Aik Nazar

Hzarat Amir Muawiya r.a Per Eik Nazar is an Urdu book by Mufti Ahmed Yar Khan Naeemi. Many Sunni Scholars says about Companions are those who embraced Islam and also took education from Prophet Muhammad PBUH as well as till life they stood on Islam. While it is true definition of Companions of True Prophet PBUH but there are many discrimination among Shiites and Sunnis about many Companions as Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadique, Hazrat Omar son of Khattab, Hazrat Usman son Affan, Hazrat Muawiya, Abu Safiyan, Amr son of As and many others. Now what is the conflict among both two sects? Shiites says that Ali a.s was entitled for Leading and Caliphate of Believers but Abu Bakar Sadique and others seized it. However in the following book writer discussed about Muawiya and proves that both Ali and Muawiya were on reformative mistake. Read to know more what writer of this book says…..

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