Fitna e Gohar Shahi

Fitna E Gohar Shahi is an Urdu Book by Abu Hamza Rizwi. It was sect (Non Muslims) which was established by Riaz Gohar Shahi who was disguised as Sufi and also claimant of Sunni Scholar and Renewed Scholar who is here in the world to alive the Sunnah of Muhammad PBUH. Then he also claimed that there is his image in Black Stone of Kaba, Moon , clouds and many other Natural reflections. He also claimed that Jesus met him in America. After his death, his followers believe that Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi not died but disappeared after leaving his body in grave like Jesus and will come again as Jesus. Many People said that he claimed to be a Mehdi a.s but then he denied and explained that I only told symbols and tips to people now it was on their end what they understand and now ask from them what they see symbols and tips in me. He also said that there is no need of any religion for humans but only love of Allah in heart, love of Allah is enough for his kindness, blessings and forgiveness after death at judgement day. Here in the following book author proved that Gohar Shahi was a temptation and was cause of feud and outbreak in Islam.

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