Urdu Book “Aashura” by Shah Abdul Haqq Muhaddas Dehlwi. Ashura has its own importance and many people from Jews and Christians fasted on such day. Another historical event was occurred on this day that Pharaoh during era of Prophet Moses a.s was destroyed with his army in ocean. Then after Islam and when Muhammad PBUH also passed away from this life, and after 60 years Grandson of Muhammad PBUH and all his 70 or near about 70 companions and family members were martyred and ladies were dishonored and insulted by army of Yazid and Abdullah bin Ziyad. It was the great but worst example  of cruelty, injustice and brutality. So after this incident who listened or read this incident became mourned and heart full of grief. Now the Ashura is recognized by the martyrdom of Hussain a.s and all his companions. Praise for him.

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