Aqeeda Hayat e Masih aur Ftitna Mirzaeyat

Aqeeda e Hayat e Maseeh aur Fitna Mirzayeat is an Urdu Book by Muhammad Mehrudin. This book is about Islamic faith of Life of Prophet Jesus a.s, as we all know and it is confirmed by Allah in Holy Book that Jews could not kill him but Allah raised him up to sky and saved him from Jews. While on other hand at the end of 1900 a man known as Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani claimed that he is Mehdi and then he claimed that he is Jesus and has become back to the world from sky to save the Muslims as the sign of end of time, then he also claimed that he is the Prophet but as a Muslims we believe that after Muhammad s.a.w door Prophecy has been closed and no Prophet will come after him. These two faiths are populated by some people who in reality are enemy of Islam and agent of Satan.

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