Ahl e Bait (S.A.W) aur Azwaaj Main Farq

Ehl e Bait (PBUH) aur Azwaj Main Faraq is an Urdu book by Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. In Shiites doctrine, 5 persons are divine and selected by Allah, they, five are as: Prophet Muhammad PBUH, his great daughter Hazrat Fatima r.a, Her Husband and Cousin of Muhammad PBUH Hazrat Ali r.a, and their both kids, Hasan and Hussein r.a, and in Hadith of cloak it is stated that they are five. so Shiites scholar and many Sunnis also believe that they are Five Pure Persons in Islam with Prophet Muhammad PBUH. So there is a light discrimination between Wives of Prophet and his family. Family includes only five above mentioned persons and they also reported in other hadiths and verses of Koran i.e. Ayet Mubahala, Ayet Tatheer, Hadith Kisa.

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