Aasaar e Qayamat

Aasar e Qyamat is an Urdu book by Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri Azhari, and book was compiled by Maulana Muhammad Abdul Raheem Nashtar Farooqi. This book is about signs and symbols of end of time, as it is faith of Muslims and we believe in that this universe will be ended one day that day is called “That Day”, “End of Time”, “Doomsday” and “Judgement day”. It is sure and promise of Allah about the end of time we cant deny it. Who deny that day is infidel and out of Islam. It is also mentioned in Islamic literature that after death of Prophet Jesus a.s, wind full of fragrance will pass through world and all Muslims/faithfuls/believers will die easily, then only infidel will remain on this earth and a period of forty year will pass, during this period all people will be in age of forty or above and they will have no child in this period, all will be busy in their work i.e. eating, cooking, enjoying, sowing and harvesting etc. then suddenly Hazrat Israfil will be ordered by Allah to blow trumpet and all will die, even trumpet and Israfil too. Than again trumpet will be blown by Israfil and all will alive and will come out from their graves and will join in ground where all will judged by Allah against their acts in the world. Here in the below book you will get the details about Judgement day and its kinds and many symbols and signs to improve your good deeds and faith

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