150 Jaali Ashaab

Aik So Pachas Jali Ashab is an Urdu book by Allama Syed Murtaza Askari, Shia Scholar. He researched and compiled this book about those companions who were never joined company of Prophet PBUH but they became popular in history as companion of Prophet PBUH, many of those were Jews and became Muslims to weaken the Muslims state. Even they worked for Omayyad Caliphate to get their pleasure and availed the chance to earn money and gold to fulfill their desires but never worked for second life after death and never followed the Koranic orders and never obeyed the Sunnah and Haidths. I think this book will increase your intelligence and knowledge. This book is in four volumes and here I combined them into one volume and total pages now become 1617, as well as second volume starts from page 468, third volume starts from page 870 and fourth volume starts from page 1255, book is translated into Urdu by Syed Qalbi Hussein Rizwi .

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