Nasibiyat (Tehqeeq Key Bhais Main)

Nasibi is an Islamic term used by the Shias for someone whom they claim hate the Ahlul Bayt (the family of the Islamic prophet Muhammad), their followers and others whom they consider as heretic. This term may be directed at extremist Sunnis or Sufis or other sects deemed by the Shi’a as deviant. Following Book Nasibiyat (Tehqeeq Key Bhais Main) is an book in reply of a Book Khilafat Muawia wa Yazeed by Mehmood Ahmed Abbasi, who in name of research wrote that book and use many weak and false references to prove that Bani Omayyad were true and Ali r.a and other successors were occupant and were fighting against caliphate without any reason. But Maulana Abdul Rasheed Nomani replied all questions of Mehmood Ahmed Abbasi in following book and he proves that Mehmood Ahmed Abbasi used very weak and false references. Must Read following book to get more knowledge for satisfaction of your research and study about Islamic History. 

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