Imam Hussain Pedayeshi Jannati


Imam Hussein Pedaishi Jannati aur Yazeed Paleed Jahanummi aur Lanti is a short Urdu booklet by M. Jahangir Naqashbandi. It is understood if we have love and honor of family of Muhammad PBUH in our hearts then we are true Muslims and if we disgrace them then we will rewarded hell by Allah. Here in this book author replied many questions by those who say about Yazid as forgiven person and he played positive role in Islamic history by martyring Hussain and all his family in desert. But it is also quoted in history books about Yazid that his son also say about his father Yazid that my father was not forgiven, he allowed wine in Islamic society, he martyred family of Muhammad PBUH, he also demolished Kabah by his army. Read full book to know more.

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