Ghazwa e Ahzaab (Khandaq)

Ghazwa e Ehzab is an Urdu Historical book by Muhammad Ismail Bashmil, this book will tell you the history, circumstances, situation, conspiracy of Jews of Madinah and braveness of Muslims who competed enemies and only trusted in Allah, so Allah rewarded them with his help. Storm defeated the tents and camps of idolatrous of Makkah as well as Jews were timid nation so they could not do but only conspiracy and at last they were defeated by Allah and Friends of Allah. Read the details of Battle of Trench (Ahzaab). When Idolatrous of Makkah attacked and Muslims of Mdina were informed accordingly, they called a meeting under leadership of Muhammad PBUH, and decided to compete enemies by digging a trench outside of Madinah. This theory was submitted by Salman Farsi r.a and was accepted by Muhammad PBUH. So the name of this battle was known as Battle of Trench (Khndaq) or Battle of Combined Forces (Ahzaab) because Jews of Madinah and many tries of Makkah and out of Makkah as well as hypocrites of Madinah were combined to attack on Muslims of Madina.

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