Arabi Zuban Ghair Arabi Ko Kesey Sikhayen?

Arabic is our Religious Language and its our duty to learn this language at all, because our all prayers and supplications have great effect it Arabic language and most important Book, Koran, is in Arabic. For this purpose in all Muslim Countries, students went to school to learn Arabic. Because we are Non Arabic so we face more difficulties in learning grammar of Arabic, so Maulana Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sikandar wrote the given below, book for those teachers who performing duties as Arabic teachers. Compiler of this book claims this book will help and guide you how to teach Arabic to those students who are  Non Arabic. So he decided the name of this Book as Arabi Zuban Ghair Arabi Ko Kesey Parhayen ,Asaataza Arabi Key Liye Rehnuma Kitab.

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