Alamaat E Qyamat Ka Byaan

Symptoms of End of Time (Doomsday) has very importance in Islam as well as for all universe. Because all creations will go to end for a purpose mentioned in Koran and Hadiths. There was nothing date, year or month was specified in any source of Islam, Christianity or Judaism about End of Time. But Islamic sources and others tell us some important symbols for end of time when all universe will be ended. Islamic source is very close to our time and date so its level of surety is up than Judaism and Christianity. Islamic sources described many symbols which can be seen in different times, some has been seen and some will be seen in future as time passes. The following book is about all symbols of End of Time. Hope this book will help you to get more knowledge and will give more power to your believes and faiths in Oneness of Allah and End of Time.

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