Suspense Digest August 2018 [Free Download PDF]


Suspense Digest August 2018=Collection of Best and Beautiful Urdu Stories

Suspense Digest August 2018 [Free PDF download ##fa-file-pdf-o##] Or Read Online Below:

Suspense Digest August 2018, Dhokey Baaz is a historical story from the history of ancient superpower Greece. Ghair Ahm by Tanweer Riaz. Rayegaan by Mazhar Saleem Hashmi. Rang e Aasman by A R Rajpoot. Nehley Pe Dehla by Zubair Hussain. Muqaddas Tasweer by Shah Zain Rizwan. Anjam Ba Shar by Malik Safdar Hayat. 

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        • The nurse by M. Iliyas. Qata Kahani by Manzar Imam. Bad Dua by M Farooq Anjum. Waqat by Hussam Batt. Bil Aakhar by Zafar Iqbal Manzar. Hazrat Musa by Rizwana Sajid. 
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