Ubqari June 2017


Ubqari June 2017 == A Complete Magazine for Intelligent People of All Ages

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The Modern Age of this time converted men into a machine. Even they have not enough time to solve their problems. It is said when a man is young and energic, struggle only for wealth. When he is overaged he struggles for health. Resultantly, he spends all his wealth to recover his health. But then Time has gone. So it is recommended to all people to take necessary actions for both, health and wealth. There is a universal truth, Health is Wealth. So, the following Magazine brings solutions of your psychological, physical and spiritual problems. 

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      • Ubqari June 2017 Ubqari June 2017 == A Complete Magazine for Intelligent People of All Ages
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        • Read Specific Supplications for Blessed Ramadhan 2017. Use a unique drink recipe for better health and face beauty. Eid event is the busiest day for ladies who want to cook tasty meals, to make up. In Ramadhan, every Muslim uses dates, know the benefits of dates. Learn how to become a skilled woman. How to overcome the Blood Deficiency? Get a Blood Making Machine by reading the tips in this monthly edition. Read about Typhoid and Likoria, Symptoms, Treatments and Medicines. Use Lemon Juice in Ramadhan 2018. Know the natural remedies to control allergy of all kinds. No More Chronic Constipation read a research by Hakim Muhammad Tariq Mehmood. This book is the best book containing many remedies for all allergy kinds. This book will guide you how to save you from allergy. Get a Five-Night Package for blessings at all times.

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