Iran Victim of Terrorism == Terrorists Killed 17000 Iranians

After Iranian Revolution of 1979, Anti Islamic and Anti Iranian forces attacked Iran. On one hand, Iraq attacked Iran openly, while there was another attack known as attacks of Terrorists. The morning of 12 January 1979 brought a bad news. Ten people were assassinated in the province of Kordestan, one day after the revolution. Many groups who were anti-Islamic Iran attacked in different ways and tried hard to down the state of Islamic Iran. General Gharani was killed on 23rd April 1979. On 01 May of 1979, a famous personality known as Ayatollah Motahhari was martyred. Komala Democratic Party, Khalq e Arab and Khalq e Baloch groups, with the support of Foreign funding, started terrorist activities in Iran at large levels. 

On 28 June 1981, in a Bomb Blast in Republican HQ of Iran, Ayatollah Beheshti and 72 Others Killed

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      • Iran Victim of Terrorism [Urdu Documentary] Iran Victim of Terrorism == Terrorists Killed 17000 Iranians
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        • In these terrorist activities, thousands of Iranian, Scholars, Scientists, Teachers, Politicians and Students were killed. On 30 August 1981, in a Bomb Blast at Prime Minister’s office, both, president and Prime Minister were killed. These events were not reported by International Print or Electronic Media. Till this day, these events are remained hidden from the public, because of Anti Iran Sentiments by America and Others. Many senior Islamic Scholars and Intellectuals were killed in a Friday Prayer on 15 March 1985. Even on 03 July 1988, United State’s Warship Shoot down an Iranian airline. This method of Suicide Attacks is adopted again by ISIS after 20 years or more. Iran Victim of Terrorism [Urdu Documentary] is a try to revel in the world how Iran faced the terrorism and now how Muslims of the world can overcome it. Iran pints itself as a victim of terrorism by referring the facts based on reality.
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