Khaufnak Digest September 2015

Khaufnak Digest September 2015, read online or download free latest Urdu Horror Digest, Pur Asrar Haweli by Maria Masood, Talismi Jadoogar by Meer Aiwan, Khuni Makhluq by Tahir Abbas, Nagan Ki Talash by Qasim Rehman, Husan Ka Jadoo by M Saleem Akhtar, Khoon Key Piasey Insan by Tahir Abbas, Kala Jadoo by S Misbah Akram, Sabaz Ankhain by Kainat Shehzadi, Phool aur Kaliyan, Khuni Chrail by Adnan Ashiq Parem, Sachey Log by Kamran Shakeel, Khaufnak Saya by M Saleem AKhtar, poetry, jokes and many more in this monthly horror Khaufnak Digest September 2015

Khaufnak Digest September 2015
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