Umm Ul Banin (Mother of Abbas son of Ali)

Ummal Baneen was the lady who became the second wife of Hazrat Ali r.a after death of his first wife Fatima r.a (was the daughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH). Ali r.a and Umm al Baneen had four sons, the eldest was Abbas son of Ali. He was commander of Hussain in Karbala, and its worthy to mention here that Shimar who martyred Hussain r.a was from the same tribe as of Banin. Shimr offered Baneen and his sons to safe side if they left Hussain, but Banin and his sons rejected the offer because in this offer Hussain was not included by Shimr. All sons of Ummal Baneen were martyred in Karabal. She passed away in 64 or 69 A.H. Here in the following book sufficient details about her life has been discussed by Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqi.

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