Umm e Salma R.A

Umm e Salma s.a great personality of Islamic History, she was the one who migrated twice for Islam from Makkah to Ethiopia and Madina. She was also wife of Muhammad ans was Mother of Believers. When Ali a.s was marching for battle in Jamal, then she, Umm e Salam s.a, sent his son Amr to Ali with words that I am unable to participate in this battle but my son will participate in this battle for you and will fight until martyrdom. Umm e Salam had great affection and affiliations with Family of Muhammad as well as with Ali a.s  and Fatma a.s, so it is why that Ali a.s also had great affection and affiliations with Salma and his son Amr, and Hazrat Ali appointed Amar a Governor of Bahrain, and in Battle of Seffine, Hazrat Ali penned down to Amr with direction and demanding help to participate in Siffine and I wished to empower the pillar of monotheism. In following book detailed biography of Umme Salam and his son has been discussed by Irtaza Abbas.

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