Khadija tul Kubra

Syeda Khadija tul Kobra was the most first lady in Makkah who embraced Islam and admitted the prophecy of Muhammad PNBUH, even when Muhammad s.a.w told her about an angel, she took him to her uncle Warqa bin Nofal, who was a christian by religion.Warqa bin Nofal also confirmed about the angel is Gabriel who also appeared to Prophet Jesus a.s. Kahdija was a richest lady in Makkah who was passing her life after divorced by her first husband, then he hired Muhammad pbuh as selling agent for her trading goods, Khadija a.s also deputed a slave with Muhammad to note all things about his honesty etc. When they came back to Makkah with full of bags with money and caps with honor. Her slave also admired behavior of Muhammad pbuh in journey to Khadija, in short she sent message through a lady for marriage with Muhammad pbuh, was accepted by Muhammad and she becomes the Mother of all Believers.

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