Al Nur (Do Qaumi Nazria Par Aik Mustand Taleef)


Al Noor is an Urdu book, a documented and classified book about Two Nation Theory in Sub Continent India. Pakistan and India were become in existence in 1947 after dividing the sub continent in two parts, because they said, here two nations are living, Hindus and Muslims, so two parts of land should become in existence. After 1947, Muslims and Hindus were divided among two territories and after passing time both nations were now at peak of hostility. While supporters of India and Pakistan argued that both one group of them is on right way and other one is wasting time and wealth of Nation, while Allama Mashraqi leader of Khaksar Movement, he also opposed the partition of Sub Continent, however after partition, he became the supporter of Pakistan. Now in the following book, compiler, argued in favor of Pakistan Movement and he also argued against Gandhi due to his deception about Movement of Non Cooperation, Movement of Caliphate. Compiler claimed that this book will become the Light Tower for Muslims of Sub Continent.

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