Abdullah bin Saba aur Dusrey Tareekhi Afsaney

Abdullah Bin Saba aur Doosrey Tareekhi Afsaney is an Urdu book contains three volumes by Allama Syed Murtaza Askari in Persian was translated into Urdu by Syed Qalbi Hussein Rizwi. This book is about history of Islam in early days when Hazrat Uthman r.a was caliph and in many cities there were many riots against Omayyad Caliphate and at all Othman were murdered and than Hazrat Ali r.a was chosen as Caliph. Saif bin Umayer was a narrator of sayings of Muhammad PBUH and was historian who wrote many historical events of Islamic history , during writing of these events he also created a character of Abdullah bin Saba and finished his book in favor of Omayyad and other people of Quresh. This book is in three volumes, second & third volume is combined in 1 volumes but I combined all three in single and second volume starts from 324p

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