Ghazwa e Hunain

This battle of Hunayn was fought between Muslims and tribes of Hawazan and Thaqif (Saqeef), thi battle was held on a way to Valley Taif. Only this battle is mentioned by its name Hunayin in Holy Book, Kora, in Sura Tauba. The people of these tribes was considered much brave and warriors and they did not embraced Islam even after Conquest of Mecca but they attacked on Mecca so Muhammad PBUH with his 12000 soldiers also became for battle. Koran mentioned as:
Assuredly Allah did help you in many battle-fields and on the day of Hunain: Behold! your great numbers elated you, but they availed you naught: the land, for all that it is wide, did constrain you, and ye turned back in retreat. But Allah did pour His calm on the Messenger and on the Believers, and sent down forces which ye saw not: He punished the Unbelievers; thus doth He reward those without Faith.

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