Imran Series by Ibn e Safi

Read Online OR Download Free Urdu Adventure, Action, Suspense and Thrilling Novels by Great and First Adventure Novelist in Urdu , Ibn e Safi. Here in the following PDF Book you will find few complete Novels of Imran Series pertaining unique missions completed by Imran and his team. You may Find Khofnak Amarat on Page No# 4, Chattano Main Fire on Page No# 42, Pur Asraar Cheekhain on Page No# 80, Bhayanak Admi on Page No# 118 , Jahannam Ki Raqqasa on Page No# 151, Neeley Parindey on Page No#183, Sanpon Key Shikari on Page No# 216, Raat Ka Shehzada on Page No# 249, Dhuwain Ki Tehreerain on Page No# 284, Larkion Ka Jazeera on Page No# 321, Pathar Ka Khoon on Page No# 361. Enjoy!!!!!!

Read Online OR Download Here
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