Ashab E Kahaf aur Yajooj Majooj

Read Or Download Free a History book Ashab Kahaf aur Yajooj Majooj (Men of Cave & Gog Magog) by Maulana Abu al Kalam Azad. They were few men (not mentioned in Holy Koran) who embraced oneness & Monotheism but Roman Law and Rule declared them as criminals. So those men escaped from cities and got shelter in caves near city. Roman forces and Rulers also followed them and at last they found those few monotheist in a cave. They found them in sleeping mode but when they saw them and saw their eyes , Roman rulers and forces were afraid of those sleeping men. Allah also mentioned the whole story of those true men in Holy Quran, but their number are not mentioned in Koran. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad wrote about them in detail by reading the new research notes and our Islamic and Christian History Books. Iranian Islamic Cinema also filmed this event. You may Watch This serial in Urdu Here.

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