Sajaan Centre (Imran Series)

This is another novel from series of Power Land , as writer says when I started to pen down this serial of power land, I was thinking it will pertain on two parts but now on the demand of my readers who liked much this serial of power land, I penned down new novel based on power land serial, Sajaan Centre. Here in this mission , Imran and his partners first time felt very deeply that there are many criminals which are bloody, brutal and inhuman but also very intelligent. In this story first time, Chair Lady of this organization of power land Ashley directly came to face Imran and his partners and new game of blood, inhumanity and brutality started. Imarn and his partners feel very close to death before the tricks lady Ashley. Now find the end of this story by reading full novel, will Imran and his partners will meet death and power land will convert into coffin for them or will they escape from power land by saving their lives after defeating lady Ashley?……

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