Ubqari Urdu Digest June 2014

Read and Download Free Urdu Digest Ubqari for June 2014, in this edition you will find following chapters for your interest and knowledge: Now in this year Ramzan is coming in July the hottest month of year and keep fasting is great test of Muslims in this century where end of time is very close to our universe , so we producing a Substance by using Muslims you will feel your July with fasting like a December , cool month. You may overcome all diseases by using seasonal fruit. Pressing The Flesh may be cause of Fresh, Most Memorable Ramdhan by my own trick, How can you may get much richness , honor and fruitful, Friendship with Jinns ,,, is it possible ? but how?, treatment of incurable disease by Verses of Holy Koran, Lekoria and my Mother in Law’s Trick, Get Back your lost and hidden things by Verses of Holy Quran, Spiritual Guidance for you in Five minutes, Now Ubqari Magazine introducing many beauty tips and many more.

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