Jasusi Digest March 2014

Now Read Online Free or Download Free Recently published monthly Urdu Jasoosi Digest for the month of March 2014, this digest is one from group of Jasusi Publications (Pakeza, Sarguzashat, Suspence etc.) which are published and managed by Meraj Rasool from Karachi. In this edition you may read following stories: Naghma E Marag by Amjad Raees, Siah Mamba by S… Anwar, Aql E Saleem by Babar Naeem, Bar Khud Ghalat by Kashif Zubair, Dil Fagar by Bushra Amjad, Jawari by Muhammad Iqbal, Dhanda by Tanweer Riaz, Tafteesh by Jamal Dasti, Qarz by Memoona Azez, Gardab by Asma Qadri, Bojh by Mariam K Khan, Tasadam by Sakandar Aleem, Buddhhu by Hamera Iqbal, Dagha Baz by Ahmad Iqbal, Dohri Dhar by Samera Yaqoob and read jokes, your letters and reply by Chief Editor of this digest , Azra Rasool is chief editor.

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