Suspense Digest March 2014

Read online monthly Suspense Digest in Urdu for month of March 2014, published under supervision of Meraj Rasool, in this edition you will read following title stories:  preface by John Elia , get answers of questions by readers through letters to editor of digest, historical story The Last King (Aakhri Badshah) by H. Iqbal, Asal Khel by Kashif Zubair, Pas E Zindan (In Prison)  by Tahir Javed Mughal, Mistake (Ghalti) by Tanweer Riaz, Story of Advocate Mirza Amjad Beg The Edge of Time (Waqat Ka Dhara) , Helper (Chara Gar) by Abdul Qayyum Shad , selected Poetry by readers , Manzar Imam wrote Nai Alif Laila (New Love Story) in this edition, Marwi (A Serial Story by Mohudin Nawab) you read his stories by eyes of hearts, Jawan (Young) by Saleem Anwar, Isaf (Justice) by Samar Abbas, Read story of Sufi Sheikh Muhammad R.A , who get the code of birth (Creation) of Humans, this story is compiled by Zia Tasneem Balgrami, at the ending pages you will find a great story Babol (Acacia) by Great writer Ghulam Qadir, with these stories on different pages you may read jokes etc. by Jasusi Publications Organizations.

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