Dark Club (Imran Series)

The Novel Dark Club is joint achievement of Imran and Col Fareedi Hameed , because there was a new organization , was introduced by Jews in the whole world named Death Circle, Drak Club was also its sub organization branch had effect and influence in all over the world, Imran was in Fareedi’s country and when Fareedi started crash with Dark Club Imran also came before as “Guest Actor” , Writer of this novel also mentioned a letter was from a reader , Nosheen from Layya a city of Pakistan, she said….. after reading your stories we think about your mind (Brain) should be in weight 4 to 6 Kg, as during climax when Agents of Secret Service are round up by death then you and Imran (Hero of these stories) saved them by a new generated trick and they even save themselves and complete their mission also. So we think that your brain should be 5 to 10 Kg.

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