Sehooniat K Dana Buzurgo ki Dastaweezat

Freemasonry is one of the top secret agency or organization of Zionists, its not means that it was started in 17 Century A.D, it was so ancient and continuously working from Era of Prophet Moses A.S, and they started their activities openly and world wide in 19th century, even they created their lodges in each country to achieve their goal, following book is abstracted from many documents which were revealed by someone and then they started to prove about those documents that these are false and fictitious, but sentences from these documents and events which were occurred in world were similar, and all events were driven by Zionists i.e. world war 1 and 2, fall of Caliphate of Ottomans in 1923, etc. so this book contains many truths to reveal those truth please read it carefully and understand their activities, Ibne Hasan translated this book in Urdu and its title is Sehooniat K Dana Buzurgo ki Das Taweezat but I named its English name as
The Elders of Zion
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