Life of Imam Malik (Urdu)

IMAAM MAALIK (R.A.) Imaam-e Daarul Hijrah; Imaam of Madina Munawwarah was the appellation of lmam Maalik (RA.). As well as being a great muhaddith (Scholar of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammadpeace and blessings be upon him ) and mujtahid, Imaam Maalik (RA) was also renowned for his pious, abstinent God fearing, and truthful ways. A great number of scholars and muhadditheen have spoken and referred to Imaam Maalik’ S (RA) great knowledge and literary works. Amongst his various literary compilations ‘ kitaabul Mu’atta’ is the most eminent. Imaam Shaafi’ee (R.A.) has stated regarding ‘Kitaabul Mu’atta’: ‘On the face of the earth there is no kitaab more authentic than Mu’atta.” It should be borne in mind that Imaam Shafi’ee (R. A.) passed away in the year 204 A.H. before the compilation of Sahih Bukhari. Today, it is a unanimously agreed opinion that Sahih Bukhari is ranked as No.1 in this field. He was born in the era of Taabi’een, Imaam Maalik (R.A.) acquired knowledge from many famous Taabi’een, jurists and muhadditheen. Due to Imaam Maalik’ s (R.A.) intelligence, efforts, zeal and determination, upon reaching the age of 17, he had acquired a vast amount of Islamic knowledge which was of great standard and it was at this very age, with the approval of his teachers and scholars that Imaam Maalik (R.A.) commenced teaching and conducting theories (Fataawaa)

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