Akabir Sahabah aur Shuhada e Karbala Par Iftraa

Previous few years passed, many scholars and writers are writing in admiration of Yazeed and other people of Family of Marwan. But all ancient and senior scholars who have been passed away have penned down that Yazeed was not able to rule over Muslims while many senior True followers and Family of House were there in Madinah, for example we can call names of Hussain son of Ali R.A, Abdullah son Umar R.A, Abdullah son of Zubair R.A, Abdul Rehman son of Abu Bakar R.A, these are only few names while near about many thousands of Followers of Muhammad PBUH living in Madinah at that time , in their presence Yazeed was much Junio and he was not qualified according to requirements of Islamic Law, Sunnah, Quran and Life of Muhammad PBUH and other Caliphs who were passed and left behind an example to rule over Muslims and world, so many people now a days criticizing People of Pious House of Muhammad PBUH (Ali, Hasan , Hussain etc,)even they also Nitpick to Hazrat Uthman R.A (3rd selected Caliph of Muslims)… It is wrong way and will create negative atmosphere among all Muslims of all Sects,,,,,, how we can overcome this crises …… should read book here
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