Shia & Sunni are United Muslims

Ahmed el-Tayeb is an Islamic Scholar at Al Azhar Islamic University of Egypt. He strobly rebuked anti Shia preaching by other Islamic sects. He recommended to unite all Muslim sects. he also said in one his interview that Since the inception of Islam 1,400 years ago, we have been suffering from Jewish and Zionist interference in Muslim affairs. This is a cause of great distress for the Muslims.He also argued that “the Koran said it and history has proven it: ‘You shall find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists.He also claimed that Jews consider non-Jews to be “extremely inferior” and that Jews “practice a terrible hierarchy, and they are not ashamed to admit it, because it is written in the Torah – with regard to killing, enslavement, and so on.

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